The Way to do the Cabot Trail

The Locals Guide To Doing The Cabot Trail

The Locals Way of Doing The Cabot Trail….With Places to Stay

There are many ways to do the Cabot Trail but there’s so much to see along the way, how do you know the best way of doing it?

Don’t worry, here’s some inside tips from the locals, and how Cape Bretoner’s do the Cabot Trail;

Scroll down for our Locals 10 Point Guide to Doing The Cabot Trail….

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Coming From Halifax/PEI/Mainland Nova Scotia:

Most people will be coming from Halifax (where the main airport is) Or at least coming from the mainland. However, when you come across ‘The Causeway’ to Cape Breton, it’s like entering a world of old. Where friendly vibes meet spectacular views, , lobster suppers and kitchen parties! It’s true what they say, Cape Bretoner’s are among the most friendly and welcoming on earth. It’s what makes Cape Breton, well, Cape Breton!

The chances are you will probably already have had a long journey and as you come across the causeway, you’ll want a place to rest, stock up on supplies and plan your route to the Cabot Trail.

Well here it is, the Locals Guide! Read on, and do what the locals do…..

Best Hotel Room Ever

The Locals 10 point guide to The Cabot Trail;

  1. From Halifax, PEI or Nova Scotia Mainland, get across The Causeway
  2. Rest up in Port Hawkesbury, stay the night if you can (we have a lovely guest house with a jet bath & Netflix!) Grab supplies for the trip in the main town. Enjoy supper & a pint with some local music
  3. Head out early morning up the Ceilidh Trail, and take in the stunning views from the look-off spots along the coast (if you are a late starter, you could grab lunch in the awesome Clove Hitch, Port Hood)
  4. Take in the sights and stop in Mabou (Farmers Market, Red Shoe Pub) Inverness (lovely town with the Route 19 Brewery) and the stunning views of Margeree
  5. Hit the Cabot Trail Northbound and hold your breath for breathtaking views. 
  6. Rest a night in beautiful Cheticamp (a lovely tourist town, but not too touristy – places to eat and stay and catch fiddle music!)
  7. Continue along the Cabot Trail taking as long as you like and stopping wherever you feel like (though we recommend a night at the stunning Ingonish Beach, there is also a world famous golf course here)
  8. Continue south on the Cabot Trail and see awesome clifftop views of the open Atlantic
  9. Lunch in the lovely town of Baddeck, then head down the Trans Can through Whycocomagh, and maybe stop in to see one of the first brewers of some of the best craft beer of Cape Breton, at Big Spruce in Nyanza
  10. Back to Port Hawkesbury & stay and rest if you need to. Then wave goodbye as you cross that old Causeway again…….

……Or do what most people do, and just stay!

The Way to do the Cabot Trail

Staying at Breton House before hitting the trail:

Here at Breton House, we are located just across The Causeway and right by the waterfront. You can stay in the guest house, grab supplies and cook some food, head to a local restaurant or just soak in the jet tub and Netflix & chill before you hit the Trail.

Best Place to Stay

Perfect for families, most people prefer to stay at the lodge than a hotel room, as you get the full house, bedroom, kids room, lounge, bathroom, deck (with views of the harbour) and yard (with fire-pit) We think it’s one of the best places you can stay when visiting Cape Breton, but don’t take our word for it, check out the reviews!

Check out what our visitors say!

Please feel free to e-mail us for more info, tips or advice!

Things to do on the Cabot Trail;

For full locals insight into what to do on the Cabot Trail and what to see on the way there and back, with map, check out our Locals Guide to what to do on the Cabot Trail (coming soon)

In the meantime, here’s some local recommendations for things  to visit on the Cabot Trail:

Egypt Falls: Short Trail to Waterfall! (20 mins from Cabot Trail)

Periwinkle Cafe: Artisan Cafe and guest house. Art, great coffee, gallery and rooms to stay. Ingonish

L’Abri Cafe: Awesome restaurant. Great vibes, locals and tourists alike

Bean & Barn Cafe: Waffle house & breakfast/Lunch, Ingonish

Best Look out: All the lookouts on the Cabot Trail are stunning but this one you can stop and walk around the rocks (10 Mins)

Click here for unique artisan stops along the Cabot Trail from the Nova Scotia Doers & Dreamers

Happy travelling,

dame & ams at Breton House, Cape Breton

Feel free to contact us for more info!

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