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Stay Safe During Covid-19

Stay Safe If You Have To Travel: We Are Open

We hope everybody is staying safe (and sane) out there. As a Guest House, we are trying to limit the number of guests, but are still welcoming people if they have to travel, as Breton House is a private, two bedroom accommodation. We have taken measures to make your stay as safe and as comfortable as we can in these trying times, and are staying open for those people who have to travel to Cape Breton during these difficult times.


Best Hotel Cape Breton


It is trying times for everyone, and as such it is a very difficult time if you have to travel. We are not hosting as much as usual as we are trying to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

However, if you have to travel; we are open for you. And we have taken every step to ensure your stay is as safe as possible. This includes spacing apart  ‘stays’ to allow for more rigorous cleaning, and disinfecting appropriate area’s.

You also have the whole, private house, so are not sharing with us, or anyone else. You have your own, completely private, stand-alone house with large yard and two private entrances. Breton House is an extremely private, cozy lodge to stay in Cape Breton and we hope it helps you help if you need to visit Port Hawkesbury, the Cabot Trail, or surrounding area.


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Relief Workers – Discount

If you are in the health care industry, are a relief worker, or have to travel as you are helping out with the epidemic, we are offering a discount to make it easier for you, and are proud to be able to help out in some small way.

Stay safe everybody,

dame & Am’s